Pinion Contracting was founded in the year 2003
with a strong background in oilfield camp
construction. It was created to give clients
more value added services than just camp
set-ups. Pinion comprises a network of
project & construction management,
maintenance & facility operations experts
always working together to accomplish
optimized project delivery & processes.
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Modular Camp Builds
Mobile Building
General Contracting
Project Management
Site Safety / NCSO Services
Turn-Key Project


Focusing on turn-key solutions to minimize

all project risks under one contract.
Expertise in project delivery, supply chain
organization, and resource management.
Leveraging people, processes, and
technology to enhance competitiveness. -
Innovative solutions and strategic
partnerships leading industry providers.
Flexible delivery models to deliver fixed-
price, fixed-time solutions.


Pinion is a customer focused highly skilled construction services company specialized in camp construction and general contracting. Our business strategy is built on our years of experience in camp projects. Using our industry knowledge offering expertise & innovative technology - we develop solutions to help clients throughout Canada.